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Dziednieka iesniegums

Vispasaules Dziednieku līgas

Augstākās Kvalifikācijas komisijai

(vārds, uzvārds)               


Lūdzu sertificēt manas dziedniecības metodes. Vēlos saņemt dziednieka sertifikātu darbam visā Latvijas Republikas teritorijā un pārējās valstīs, kur Dziednieka profesija ir iekļauta Profesiju klasifikatorā.

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Healers promises

Translation from Latvian


I,                                                                                                                               ,


upon choosing healer’s vocation as the aim of my life, and by undertaking to render help to the afflicted , I am aware of the liabilities imposed by the present choice and I swear:

  • To support the Supreme Goodness idea – rendering help to the afflicted in the solution of their problems and ailments – as the main guideline of my activity; in the meantime, regarding myself as an impassive instrument in the hands of the Supreme Power, who decides on person’s fate according to his/her deserts, and endows all living beings with the Supreme protection and mercy;
  •  Within my powers, given to me by the Creator, as well as in the framework of my knowledge and skills, obtained during the course of my life, to assist everyone, who asks for help, in finding the Way of Wisdom;

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Healers code of conduct

Translation from Latvian

World Healers League



The Healers Code of Conduct has been elaborated on the basis of the concepts about the Supreme Goodness, as a result of the synthesis of ethical, religious and moral study principles and attitudes, for whom common universally adopted humanity values, whose justice and sustainability has been proved within centuries, apply.

The primary healer’s task is introspection and self-improvement which ensure healer’s progress on the way of helping the afflicted. The awareness of healer’s mission and prerogatives should be formed through the significance of healer’s status, role and placement within the world scale process of energy-information exchange among the living beings. In the comprehension of his/her task in the particular situation, a healer shall follow the conditions which have been proven by the human experience throughout the centuries and modern science:

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